Video Pattern Generator Model 23293-B

Key Features:
  • Multi-port output tests
    – 3 HDMI output ports
    – 2 SCART ports (output x1/ input x1)
  • Analog Pixel rate 250MHz
  • DVI Pixel rate 330MHz (dual channel)
  • DVI Dual HDCP test application support
  • HDMI V1.3C
    – True 30 bits color depth output
    – Support xvYCC & sYCC, Adobe RGB, Adobe YCC color space
    – Support CEC Function
    – Built-in Lip Sync test pattern
    – Digital audio output
    – 3 HDMI outputs to provide individual HDCP Enable/Disable
  • DVI & HDMI with HDCP output
  • Support HDCP V1.0 (DVI) / V1.2 (HDMI)
  • Y, Pb, Pr / Y, Cb, Cr / Y, R-Y, B-Y output
  • S-Video / CVBS / SCART / RGB / color component / D-terminal
  • NTSC / PAL / SECAM TV signals
  • Support Closed Caption / V-Chip / Teletext
  • EDID read / write / compare
  • Built-in low low-distortion audio output (2ch/8ch)
  • Easy-to-use audio hot key
  • Optical/Coaxial audio input (S/PDIF)
  • Easy-to-use pattern editor
  • Scrolling Pattern support
  • HDMI / DVI plug & play function
  • USB (Host & Device)
  • User Key (up to 32 continuous actions can be combined)

Chroma 23293-B Video Pattern Generator is a high value-added test device that is designed by brand new architecture with high speed transmission features to provide high performance system control. It also supports the up-to-date high resolution multimedia digital/audio transmission interface, HDMI V1.3.

Chroma 23293-B has Analog/Digital/ TV signals. For the analog signal of RGB output, the pixel rate is up to 250MHz, while the digital signal of TMDS output, the pixel rate is up to 330MHz. Also, it supports the DVI dual channel HDCP test to satisfy the requirements for higher bandwidth application.

In TV output specification, the image and chromaticity signals comply with the NTSC, PAL and SECAM standards. Furthermore, the tests for special TV functions such as Closed Caption, V-chip and Teletext are supported.

The HDMI output video signals are RGB & YCbCr with the sampling modes of 4:4:4 & 4:2:2. The audio output contains the built-in low distortion sine wave. Chroma 23293-B supports the brand new HDMI V1.3 features:

Higher speed bandwidth and color depth: It supports 24,30 bits (RGB or YCbCr) and the new generation color standards xvYCC, sYCC, Adobe RGB and Adobe YCC to attain truly natural color and high resolution image screen.

CEC (Consumer Electronics Control): The CEC parameter settings (VPG Master) support multiple test modes that is able to facilitate users for easier and faster tests with the patterns built-in specially for CEC tests.

Lip Sync: Since the technology of digital signals process improves continuously to have a high definition video presentation, there may have potential factors to cause delay when processing the video. HDMI 1.3 allows CE devices to compensate the time difference automatically that can synchronize both video and audio to enhance viewer’s feeling.

To fulfill the application of multi-port output test, Chroma 23293-B has built-in 3 HDMI and 2 SCART ports that can finish testing the displays with multi-port in the fastest speed and reduce the test time in a great deal.

Various test patterns and timing parameters are built-in Chroma 23293-B for operation. Shortcuts are provided for Timing/Pattern/ Program/Audio to simplify the settings. The test program edited by the user on PC can be downloaded to Chroma 23293-B directly for storage and recall next time.

Moreover, for the function keys used frequently, a special User Key is designed to combine these functions. Up to 32 keys can be memorized for continuous actions and executed by a single key. Besides the panel operation, remote control can be enabled with a remote controller for users to operate the device more easily.

Model Description
23293-B Video Pattern Generator
Analog 250MHz/DVI 330MHz/HDMI 165MHz (TMDS Rate 225MHz)/TV/HDTV
A222906 IR Controller
A240001 Remote Controller
A240100 USB Disk 1GB
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