Automatic Test System (ATS)


USB PD Power Supply/Module ATS Model 8000

Key Features:
  • Industry-Leading USB PD Emulator test fixture, Compatible with major IC provider USB PD solution
  • Built-in test items comply with USB PD power supply test regulation
  • Open architecture software platform
  • Expandable hardware support
  • User editable report format and statistic report

The Chroma 8000 USB PD power supply/module ATS can test power characteristics, communications, and timings. In addition, it can perform complete USB PD and display port verification on a monitor when integrated with a Chroma’s video pattern generator.

The USB 3.1 specifications has three major features which are 10Gbit/s transmission speed, USB PD (Power Delivery) with support for 100 watt charging power, and the standard Type-C connector/cable that can be inserted with either side. It is expected to meet all kinds of data / video transfer applications.

The advent of USB PD may consolidate the specifications of various power converters and the laptop, monitor, printer or Hub that implements USB PD is no longer a simple power-consuming device but able to supply power to other devices. The USB PD DRP (Dual role port) function allows the built-in USB PD module to deliver a maximum of 100 watts of power through the Type-C interface. To make sure the USB PD Type-C output power does not supply invalid voltage or poor power output characteristics with excessive noise that can damage the power consuming device and cause unsuccessful startup, each USB PD power supply or module has to be fully tested during production to ensure the product features meet the design specifications. This ensures high-quality products are provided to the market to gain acceptance.

With 30+ years of experience in power supply testing and measurement, Chroma gets ahead in the industry to launch a USB PD power supply and module automated test system. It can test power characteristics, communications, and timings. Moreover, we are currently integrating it with a video pattern generator in order to perform complete USB PD and display port verification on a monitor.

Chroma USB PD Emulator

The Chroma USB PD Emulator is a USB PD device that can change the power role at any time as desired. When the UUT is a USB PD power supply acting as source, the role of Chroma USB PD Emulator is sink that can request the USB PD UUT to output different voltages and simulate various states such as Hard Reset and cable detach/attach.

If the UUT has DRP source/sink conversion function, the Chroma USB PD Emulator can perform power role swap with UUT, and the Emulator will change to source role to provide UUT (sink) the required voltage and current.

Chroma USB PD Emulator

USB PD ATS Structure

USB PD 自動測試系統架構


USB PD Characteristics Tests

USB PD Characteristics Tests
1. USB PD Source/Sink Profile
2. USB PD Power Data Object
3. Positive Voltage Transition
4. Negative Voltage Transition
5. Hardware Reset State
6. USB PD Cable Detach/Attach
Output Voltage Falling Time

Output Characteristics Test
7. DC Output Voltage
8. Ripple Voltage
9. Dynamic Load
10. Average Efficiency

Input Characteristics Tests
11. Input Surge Current
12. RMS Input Current
13. Input Frequency
14. Input Power
15. No Load Power
16. Current Harmonics
17. Input Power Factor 
18. Input Voltage Dips

Modulation Test
19. Power Modulation
20. Load Modulation

Timing & Transient Tests 
21. Power On Time
22. Power Off Time
23. Rise Time
24. Fall Time

Protection Characteristic Test
25. Short Circuit Test
26. Over Voltage Protection 
27. Over Current Protection

Chroma 8000 is a professional Switch Mode Power Supply ATS providing tests on power supply’s input and output, modulation, timing, transient and protection characteristics. The Chroma 8000 integrated with USB PD Emulator not only can test the input/output electrical characteristics of USB PD power supply but also communication with USB PD UUT via USB PD communication protocol to request for diverse voltages output, hard reset and cable detach/attach simulation. Furthermore, it can measure if the output voltage timing meets the USB PD standard when the UUT status is changed.

Chroma’s USB PD automated test system can be used for R & D design verification, and generate complete test reports to greatly reduce the DVT test verification and report finishing time. It can also apply to the production line for first station and end of line automated testing. In addition, test programs can be called and tested data can be uploaded for use automatically when MES systems are integrated to in line with the demands of automated production.

Chroma 8000 USB PD ATS Automatic Complete Test Report Generation

Device Test Application Applicable Industries/Products
AC Source 1. AC input
2. Input voltage ramp test
3. Input frequency ramp up/down test
4. Power failure test
5. UPS square wave voltage waveform simulation
AC/DC Power Supply:
USB PD, Display
DC Source 1. DC input voltage ramp up/down test
2. OVP test
3. USB PD DRP DC Source
DC power supply built-in device: Laptop, Motherboard, Docking Station, Mobile Device, Storage Device
Power Analyzer 1. Input voltage, inrush current, RMS, peak current, input power and power factor measurement
2. Average efficiency test
3. UUT no load power loss measurement

USB PD, Display, Laptop, Motherboard, Docking Station, Mobile Device, Storage Device

DC Load 1. UUT output stability test
2. OLP test
3. UUT voltage/current reading (V & I)
4. Short circuit protection test
Timing/Noise Analyzer 1. Power on/off time measurement
2. Rising/falling time measurement
3. Ripple/Noise measurement

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Model Description
8000 USB PD Power Supply/Module ATS
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