Spectrocolorimeter Model 71611

CE Mark
Key Features:
  • Use of spectrophotometric technique
  • Suitable for laboratories and production lines
  • Display luminance, chromaticity and spectral measurement
  • 0.01 cd/m2low luminance measurement
  • Wide range of luminance display: 0.01 to 2000 cd/m2
  • Highly accurate measurement
  • Up to 9 display modes:
    xyY, TΔuvY, u’ v’ Y, XYZ, λd/Pe, Spectral, Contrast, Program and User Define
  • Wide view color LCD to facilitate the reading and operation
  • Able to control the Video Pattern Generator and DUT
  • Built-in contrast measurement for contrast ratio calculation
  • Embedded with programmable test items to test the planned items with one key
  • Support USB interface for data control and process
  • Equipped with judgment function for production line to use easily
  • Built-in calibration period setting and reminding function
  • Able to connect external device for synchronized trigger function

Chroma 71611 Spectrocolorimeter is specially designed to meet the requirements of laboratory and production line by implementing the contact and non-contact measurement to test the luminance and color presentation of display panels. Developed with the most advanced digital signal processor and photoelectric conversion technology, Chroma 71611 is able to measure the color with high speed, accuracy and stability when integrated with precision optics and circuit design.

The spectrophotometric technique applied to 71611 can measure the display panel spectral precisely and calculate the luminance and chromaticity correctly. It is applicable for the displays in different technologies and solves the problem of measurement errors caused by the DUT (Device Under Test) spectral difference to save the time and cost from frequent calibrations. The user is able to change various display modes including xyY, TΔuvY, u’v’Y, XYZ, λd/Pe, Spectral, Contrast, Program and User Define. For the LCD with LED backlight, the 71611 has designed in particular to meet the 0.01cd/m2 low luminance requirement.

The 71611 is able to control the Video Pattern Generator and DUT directly for automation without using a PC to save the cost of PC purchase and management. Moreover, there are functions of contrast measurement, result judgment and programmable test items to fulfill the needs of automated test and increase the production efficiency.

The optical measurement software 71611uses is able to measure the chromaticity, luminance, spectral and Gamma on a PC, and show the data on the chromaticity coordinate of CIE 1931 and CIE1976 directly with Gamma curve drawing. It can also save the measured data to PC or import to EXCEL® for process. The program example of optical measurement software allows the user to develop a suitable test program fits the need rapidly.

The 71611 has 9 memories built in to store the standard spectral calibration data. In addition the 71611 has many user-friendly designs to comply with the user’s requirements, such as the color display, the way test data displays, the button’ s position, the light positioning device, the USB and RS-232 data transmission interface, as well as the setting and reminding functions of calibration period. The supported USB flash disk drive can copy the test programs to other devices for use to save the time for repeat editing.

As the technology and products of flat panel display have become the mainstream of market, every manufacturer is in search of the solution for high value-added and low cost automated measurement. Chroma 71611 Spectrocolorimeter is the excellent tool to assist the FPD industry in improving the efficiency and the competitiveness.

Model Description
71611 Spectrocolorimeter
A240100 USB flash disk
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