Automatic Test System (ATS)


PC Power Supply ATS Model 8010

CE Mark
Key Features:
  • Equipped with both of the test performance of 6000 ATS and the flexible hardware architecture of 8000 ATS
  • Provide optimized standard test items for the Unit Under Test (PC Power Supply) to deliver excellent test performance
  • Easy-to-use software function specifically designed to meet the production line needs
  • Flexible software platform with the following functions
    – User editable test program
    – User editable test report format
    – Test report generator
    – Statistical report
    – User authority control
    – Release control
    – Activity log
    – Support bar code reader
  • New test items and expandable hardware allows the Chroma 8010 ATS to meet the new testing requirements in the PC power industry
    – 100MHz Noise measurement
    – Output voltage monotonic rise test
    – Average efficiency test that complies with EPA & 80Plus
  • Windows 98/2000/NT/XP based software
  • Offer the best performance/price ratio

Chroma 8010 PC Power Supply ATS is the test system of choice for PC power testing on the production line. Its test performance not only compares favorably with the Chroma 6000 ATS, but also has the flexibility of the Chroma 8000ATS hardware architecture. Available for selection are a range of hardware devices including AC/DC Power Supply, Electronic Load, Timing/Noise Analyzer, Power Meter and Extended Measurement Controller.

Chroma 8010 ATS was designed specifically with PC power supply characteristics in mind, with customized standard test items providing excellent test performance and optimized for mass production. The software provides a user friendly interface and intuitive controls suited for the production line.

New test items and expandable hardware allows the Chroma 8010 ATS to meet the new testing requirements in the PC power industry such as 100 MHz bandwidth noise measurement, voltage monotonic rise test, average efficiency test to comply with EPA requirements and various other tests.

Chroma 8010 ATS software runs under the user friendly Windows 98/2000/NT/XP operating environment, providing the test engineer a dedicated PC power supply testing system with easy access to Windows resources.

Chroma 8010 Optimized Test Items 1. Input Output Test 2. AC Cycle Drop Out Test 3. Combine Regulation 4. Line Regulation 5. Load Regulation 6. Static Load Test 7. Efficiency & Power Factor 8. Hold On Adjust Test 9. Average Efficiency Test For Energy Star 10. Overshoot Voltage Test 11. Short Circuit Protection Test 12. Over Load Protection Test 13. OVP / UVP Test 14. Extended Measurement Test 15. Dynamic Load Regulation 16. Sync Dynamic Load Regulation 17. TTL & Relay Control 18. Turn On Sequence Test 19. Hold Up Sequence Test 20. Input Voltage Ramp  21. Input Frequency Ramp 22. Power On/Off Cycle  23. Extra Timing Test  24. Turn On Glitch Test 25. Load Setup 26. Power Consumption Test 27. Glitch PreSetup 28. System PreSetup

8010 PC Power Supply ATS

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Model Description
8010 PC Power Supply ATS
6011 Timing/Noise Analyzer
80611N Timing/Noise module
8126 Extended Controller
5004ATM System Controller
A800027 Test Fixture
A800004 19″ Rack for Model 8010
DC Load Module Refer to Model 6330A Series
Digital Power Meter Refer to Model 66200 Series
AC Source Refer to Model 6500, 61500, 61600 Series
DC Source Refer to Model 6200, 6200F, 62000P Series
100 MHz Digitizer NI 5112 Digitizer
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