Model 58183 LED Light Bar Electrical Test System


Key Features:

  • Integrating customer’s extened power supply
  • PC base design
  • Support multi- channels test
  • Using general DUT adapter to offer test application widely
  • Software support authority management


Chroma 58183 is a PC base test system for LED light bar electrical test. In hardware design, Chroma 58183 not only offers a accurately current (10uA~5mA) to test LED electrical features but also can integrate an extra high power supply for high current test. Otherwise, Chroma 58183 offers multi-channels test function. It is widely used in many application. In LED light bar manufactory, 58183 can test more 10 pieces Light bar at the one time. In LED backlight manufactory, 58183 can test 4 pieces LED backlight via a 4 channels control box. To sum up, 58183 is a very strong and powerful tool for LED light bar and LED backlight manufactories.

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