Model 58173-TC LED Chip Level Tester


Key Features:

  • High test speed: complete whole test within 25ms (selected test items)
  • Super statble of temperature variation
  • Support high voltage and high power LED test requirement
  • Support multi-die test (option)
  • Support ESD test (option)


The LED Test System Model 58173-TC focuses on LED wafer/chip characteristics analysis and provides optimized test performance. Its test items include a variety of voltage/ current output measurement, optical power measurement, and spectrum analysis. On measurement, several electrical and optical characteristics analysis can be achieved at a time within 25 ms, and its electrical measurement supports high-voltage LED and highbrightness LED applications.

On system integration, the 58173-TC can easily integrate various Probers and Handlers for wafer probing and chip sorting. In addition, optional switch module allows test system to perform multi-channel and multi-chip measurements.

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