Model 58158-SC LED Lighting In-Line Test System


LED lighting manufacturers mostly employ luxmeter as the production line test equipment in the past, but the biggest issue is the existed huge measurement error between luxmeter and integrating sphere measurement. It causes the shipping quality cannot be controlled effectively. However, if you used integrating sphere as the 100% test equipment to the production line, there are a lot of inconvenience during actual execution. The big size of the luminaries accompanies the bigger size of the integrated sphere, and the higher automation cost is derived from the size of the integrating sphere. Due to high cost of the 100 % lamps test, most manufactures can only adopt the way of sampling test, which is the main cause of uneven LED lamps quality in current market.

Chroma uses the unique LED lamp optical measurement technology to develop the automated test system (Model No. 58158-SC) which suits all kinds of LED luminaries. In addition to saving substantial space, the test speed could be up to 10,000 pcs per day while the measurement performance could also reach integrated sphere level. Through this unique LED lamps 100% test technology, the product yield distribution could be indentified clearly, the material cost could be reduced in a timely manner, the product competitiveness could be enhanced, and the personnel and material waste could be lower.

Chroma, with its automation professional competence, introduced the industry’s first LED bulb auto assembly line in 2012, which increases capacity effectively and reduces assembly costs significantly. It combines in line automated test program to achieve 100% test after assembling and ensure the better shipping quality of LED lamps.

Test Items

  • Optical Power characteristics : Lm, lm/w, LED operating frequency (Flicker)
  • Color characteristics :CIExy, Duv, CIEu’v’, CCT, CRI
  • Power characteristics :
    AC mode : Power factor (PF), Irms, Vrms, THD
    DC mode : Forward voltage

The design concept of Chroma LED high speed measurement module is to combine several large size detectors and add up the luminous flux obtained by each detector to calculate the total flux of LED light. This design not only overcomes the shor tcoming of previous inconvenient measurement for total flux by conventional integrating sphere, it also implements the inline test on production line. Chroma is able to provide the customer a fully automatic production line that covers both quality and productivity.

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