Model 58158 LED Lighting Test System


Key Features:

  • Simulate the real AC test condition and environment
  • Integrate AC, DC, and optical features test to one platform
  • Support DC test for AC LED
  • Support dual-optical test module in one platform (Integrating sphere or average intensity) (optional)
  • Support AC /DC LIV Analysis
  • Offer standard light source for calibration


Chroma 58158 LED Light ing Tes t Sys tem, compl iances the AC LED Device Nat ional Standard, has integrated Chroma’s Power Electronics Test Equipment – Programmable AC Power Source and Digital Power Meter to offer users a real AC environment for measuring AC LED.

Furthermore, the 58158 also integrates Chroma DC Power Supplies with the flexible optical test platform which equips with integrating sphere, photo detector, and etc.. Users can measure optical and electrical parameters of AC/DC LED through a friendly softtware interface.

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