Model 5102 High Speed LED Bulb In-line Test System


Key Features:

  • Over 10K pcs Throughput Per Day
  • Test LED bulb in steady state
  • Omni-Directional LED Bulb Light Spatial Distribution Measurement
  • Supports Flicker Measurement


Chroma 5102 is LED Bulb Automation Test Line. It adopts unique and innovative technologies that use Mono-Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell as photodetectors and distribute them around LED Bulb. Based on photoelectric conversion principle of solar cell, and solar panel’s relatively large area at lower cost, Chroma 5102 significantly reduced not only the size of the measurement equipment, but also greatly enhance the test speed. Loading and unloading each LED bulb can be completed in five seconds. Chroma 5102 shows great performance of test speed at one LED bulb per 6 seconds, including the time for photoelectric test.

In addition, Chroma 5102 works with optional modules to enhance testing and production. To test LED bulbs in steady state, user may purchase Pre-Burn Module. For directive LED bulbs, user can purchase Center Beam Test Module. To print label or logo on LED bulbs, user may purchase optional laser equipment for printing.

Pre-burn Pre-burn

Loading / Unloading to Pre-burn Oven Loading / Unloading to Pre-burn Oven

Loading to Tray Loading to Tray

Optical Testing Optical Testing

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